torsdag, december 06, 2007

Rock'n'Roll can rescue the world

During my semiannual wishlist updating session yesterday, I looked up bandnames on wikipedia to find their discographies so I could write the CDs I miss in my collection. After three hours of fascinated clicking (well, 10 minutes) I see that the band Electric Eel Shock participated in the video to The Bloodhound Gangs song "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss". Wonder if they have a video up on youtube? I find Electric Eel Shock - ROCK & ROLL CAN RESCUE THE WORLD and is completely taken away.

Thank You, O great Internet for allowing me to find such awesome music in such a Random way.

torsdag, november 15, 2007

MySpace Users Hit By Anonymous

Why did Ebaumsworld do that to the poor kids on beautiful Myspace?

We are one! We are many!

onsdag, november 14, 2007

Annoying timing

We have just had a parlimentary election here in Denmark, my first. The ruling right-wing coalition lost their majority and might have to involve the ½-year-old centre-right-party New Alliance. Not a bad result, although I would have preferred that the far-right Danish Peoples Party lost their clout.

I stayed up all night to watch the post election analysises (correct me if that's wrong) and afterwards there were a Danish crime serial called The Crime (how original!) that I haven't bothered seeing an episode of yet. I decided to try it out and it wasn't completely bad.

But then somebody (I won't ruin it for people who haven't seen it) gets shot and in the next scene they're in the ambulance and they're about to defilibrate and then THE F¤%#ING SIGNAL DIES! Can you believe that kind of timing? Must be divine intervention, trying to keep me from going braindead, huh?

I'm going to bed now, it's 02:00 (24-hour format) and I'm impressed I've managed to close all my tags so far.

tirsdag, oktober 09, 2007

Internet + Democracy = More democracy

I just read an article about the use of speech-to-text programs in the danish parliament (in danish). In connection with an upgrade of their website, the Danish parliament have implemented a speech-to-text system from Phillips called SpeechMagic. This will enable them to have the minutes (is that the right word for what the MP say? Would someone please post the right word in case it isn't) available on their site mere hours after they were spoken, something that usually takes a couple of days. Pretty neat.

And when I visited their site, damn right, they had the minutes (??) from 2 pm today. I also found out they have a live video feed directly from the main chamber. It's WiMP encoded, but still     pretty neat.

torsdag, september 27, 2007

"You can't play a song like that in the radio" ... reversed

Here in Denmark there's recently been a lot of debate about clean versions of songs. In USA and UK you can't play profane songs on the radio, so artists record a version with something else instead of the profanity. In Denmark you can play anything you want on the radio (maybe except some racist stuff), but the record companies automatically send the clean version. That has made a lot of people angry, because that's censorship and we don't wan't any sensorship in Denmark. Funny that something that's required in other countries is frowned upon in Denmark. Crazy 'mericans :P

onsdag, juni 13, 2007

A short. late night take on ID

Random evolution vs. Guided evolution => No difference!

An important reason why Intelligent Design doesn't matter: There's no effective difference between a random event and an event set in motion by an (not necessarily) intelligent being that have no other relevant side effects.

It's just like the invisible, undetectable gremlin that might be sitting on your shoulder. You can't measure or feel it, it has no physical effects and there is no difference between the gremlin existing and not existing, except that all dice rolls will be the exactly opposite of what it would have been without the gremlin existing. It is impossible to tell if the gremlin is sitting on your shoulder.

If you disagree, I would like you to explain why and how and I would like you to propose an experiment where one could determine if there is a gremlin sitting on ones shoulder.

mandag, april 02, 2007

iTunes... now featuring: Double Bitrate at only 30¢ more! ...and no DRM by the way

Go take a look: "Apple, EMI Announce DRM Free Music". It seems He really meant his letter (My inner cynic tells me he had to mean it ;)). The full EMI catalog will be available in 256 kb plain AAC at $1.30 alongside the regular 128 kb DRM AAC at 99¢ sometime in May. I'm almost regretting that I didn't get around to buying an iPod today. Yeah, that's right, I'm buying an iPod. I've been planning to do it the past ½ year, but I feared He might launch some new ones this spring (No, I didn't see the iPhone coming. I even have my own conspiracy theory claiming He unveiled the iPhone just to annoy the rumorists by letting them be right. That's why it weren't available "right now" as usual, it only existede as a presentation/simulation.). But He didn't, so three weeks ago I decided that I'd get one the next time I'd get SU, which was this saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't have time for it saturday or sunday, so I planned to do it today. But since Easter is a whole week holiday (plus the moday afterwards), I don't really get around to a lot of stuff. So , I'll have to buy it tomorrow, as I haven't got time wednesday as I'm going to Bornholm for my scouting associations annual general meeting (had to look it up in a dictionary, please tell me if there's a better term.). Hmm, I deviated a lot from my original idea of the post, but I guess that's how it works... A post that isn't as intended is better than a post that isn't...

And now for something completely different

Besides, I've changed the font on my blog to Georgia. I just couldn't help it. I just seem to have a fully irrational love for that font.