mandag, april 02, 2007

iTunes... now featuring: Double Bitrate at only 30¢ more! ...and no DRM by the way

Go take a look: "Apple, EMI Announce DRM Free Music". It seems He really meant his letter (My inner cynic tells me he had to mean it ;)). The full EMI catalog will be available in 256 kb plain AAC at $1.30 alongside the regular 128 kb DRM AAC at 99¢ sometime in May. I'm almost regretting that I didn't get around to buying an iPod today. Yeah, that's right, I'm buying an iPod. I've been planning to do it the past ½ year, but I feared He might launch some new ones this spring (No, I didn't see the iPhone coming. I even have my own conspiracy theory claiming He unveiled the iPhone just to annoy the rumorists by letting them be right. That's why it weren't available "right now" as usual, it only existede as a presentation/simulation.). But He didn't, so three weeks ago I decided that I'd get one the next time I'd get SU, which was this saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't have time for it saturday or sunday, so I planned to do it today. But since Easter is a whole week holiday (plus the moday afterwards), I don't really get around to a lot of stuff. So , I'll have to buy it tomorrow, as I haven't got time wednesday as I'm going to Bornholm for my scouting associations annual general meeting (had to look it up in a dictionary, please tell me if there's a better term.). Hmm, I deviated a lot from my original idea of the post, but I guess that's how it works... A post that isn't as intended is better than a post that isn't...

And now for something completely different

Besides, I've changed the font on my blog to Georgia. I just couldn't help it. I just seem to have a fully irrational love for that font.