onsdag, juni 13, 2007

A short. late night take on ID

Random evolution vs. Guided evolution => No difference!

An important reason why Intelligent Design doesn't matter: There's no effective difference between a random event and an event set in motion by an (not necessarily) intelligent being that have no other relevant side effects.

It's just like the invisible, undetectable gremlin that might be sitting on your shoulder. You can't measure or feel it, it has no physical effects and there is no difference between the gremlin existing and not existing, except that all dice rolls will be the exactly opposite of what it would have been without the gremlin existing. It is impossible to tell if the gremlin is sitting on your shoulder.

If you disagree, I would like you to explain why and how and I would like you to propose an experiment where one could determine if there is a gremlin sitting on ones shoulder.

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