onsdag, maj 24, 2006

Thinkpad Rescue and Recovery - part II

It's been a long time since the first part as I've been busy with exams and tests lately, but now it's finally here. As you might know I've had some problems with my Thinkpad R50e. After installing LILO in the MBR I couldn't access the special recovery tools you get with a Thinkpad instead of a CD. It turned out LILO had overwritten the special MBR that gives access to the Recovery tools when you press a special button during bootup.
I tried a couple of different things and ended up with the Windows NT bootloader in the MBR with Linux and Windows Recovery Console entries added, plus a guide explaining how to access the recovery tools using GRUB. I folowed the guide. And it worked. Beautifully. I can access the Thinkpad recovery stuff, called the Predesktop Area, with options for resetting the harddisk from a builtin image and browsing the web for solutions using Opera (killer feature :P). The solution isn't perfect, I have to select "Thinkpad Rescue and Recovery" in the GRUB menu instead of just pressing a button, but it works flawlessly.
If you've had a similar problem, I hope this was any help.

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