mandag, juni 05, 2006

French exam, ugh

Phew, I have an oral french exam tomorrow, the last time I'll ever have to have anything to do with french. It's not that bad, my last regular grade was a 10 (the danish grades go from 00 to 13, with 11 being A+ (or what it's called (and I know 13 is higher, it's supposed to be)).
But I'm still a bit nervous, partly because I hadn't got enough willpower to read as much as I'd like, partly because I hate oral exams, too much personal contact and selling yourself for my taste (well, I am a geek, you know, just because I know how to work the system, I don't have to like it). Well, wish me luck, j'ai besoin de ça. (you too can make a cool cedille under your c, if you happen to use a decent windowing system (X, par example), just hold [Alt Gr] and press [,], release and press [c])

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