søndag, oktober 15, 2006


I like music and have ~30 CDs and ~7 LPs in my collection ranging from "Blå Øjne" (Blue Eyes, an awful danish pop singer. I bought it ~7 years ago to settle a bet about the lyrics of one of her songs. I lost...) to System Of A Down, but I'm mostly after what I call "Aesthetic Rock/Pop", a big blob of different music like Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ladytron, Bloc Party, The Postal Service, The Beatles, Elvis, Johhny Cash, &c., &c..

Yesterday I was walking down the downtown pedestrian-only shopping shopping street, I walked past a music/movie shop. Or partially past, because I remembered what one of my classmates had talked about back in March, when went on a trip to Slovenia with the school. We moved in with the slovenian students for a week, and as custom is, we were supposed to bring gifts for them. And said classmate planned to bring a CD, Kashmir: "The Good Life", which he said, was good music and you could find for cheap in any music store. So I thougth that I might just go in there, buy it and bring back a nice addition to my music collection, because I knew it was good music.

I didn't find that CD, but nonetheless ended up spending ~100$ in there... And then, 50 m down the street, I saw that CD on display on the street... And while waiting in line for the cash register, I saw another good CD that I had to buy... When I finally got home with my 8 CDs and 3 DVDs, my younger brother got a bit annoyed with me, because he's "secretly" planning to have more music than me...

The result of the saturday shopping spree was:

  • Music:
  • Bikstok Røgsystem: "Over Stok og Sten", danish dancehall/ragga, very crazy music, one of the members used to be a part of Malk de Koijn (one of their albums were called Sneglzilla, Snailzilla in English).
  • Bloc Party: "Silent Alarm", an english post-punk revival band
  • Carpark North: "All Things to All People", a danish electropop/synth rock band
  • Kashmir: "The Good Life", "Zitilites", a danish rock band
  • kent: "Kent", Våpen & Ammunition", a swedish rock band
  • Spleen United: "Godspeed into the Mainstream", a danish synthpop band

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