mandag, november 27, 2006

Random rambling - 27/11 2006

It's 10 in the evening. I ougth to go to bed. Like I've ougth to so many times before (unsuccesfully...). Had my computer on in Windows 'cause I have some driving theory test on a CD my driving school forced me to buy for 100 DKK that needed Windows (FYI you aren't allowed to get a drivers license until you're 18 in Denmark). Hadn't got time to take another test so I turned of my computer and started to clean up my room and go to bed.

But I thougth: "I can quickly check my email & RSS feeds, before I go to bed", and turned on my computer in Slackware (*Sigh* bad me...). As soon as I logged in, one of my classmates IM'ed me to tell me that we had the two first lessons (math) off tomorrow. Nice.
Now it's 11. I'd like to have been sleeping ½ an hour ago. *Sigh* How do I prevent meself from stuff like that? It's a waste of time...

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